Artwork Size Guide

Sizes and Resolutions
The table below shows standard document names and sizes, including the pixel size for artwork creation using tools like Photoshop and InDesign. When creating artwork you should use the size with bleed area. We print at 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution as this results in a very high print quality.

 (without bleed area)(with bleed)
Size NameSize in mmSize in pixels
at 300dpi
Size in mm
Size in pixels
at 300dpi
Business Card85 mm x 55 mm1004 px x 650 px91 mm x 61 mm1075 px x 720 px
DL / Comp Slip99 mm x 210 mm2480 px x 1169 px105 mm x 216 mm2551 px x 1240 px
A6148 mm x 105 mm1748 px x 1240 px154 mm x 111 mm1819 px x 1311 px
A5210 mm x 148 mm2480 px x 1748 px216 mm x 154 mm2551 px x 1819 px
A4297 mm x 210 mm3508 px x 2480 px303 mm x 216 mm3579 px x 2251 px
A3420 mm x 297 mm4961 px x 3508 px426 mm x 303 mm5031 px x 3579 px
A2594 mm x 420 mm7016 px x 4961 px600 mm x 426 mm7087 px x 5031 px
A1841 mm x 594 mm9933 px x 7016 px847 mm x 600 mm10004 px x 7087 px
A01189 mm x 841 mm14043 px x 9933 px1195 mm x 847 mm14114 px x 10004 px

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If you want us to create your artwork for you, visit our Design Service page for more information.

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